Connecting organizations and practitioners in the non-profit field.

We provide a resourceful space for organizations, professionals, and newcomers into the non-profit field in Egypt. We offer various opportunities for capacity building, guidance, mentorship and engagement with peers.

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Search jobs, internships, volunteering, and other opportunities in the non-profit field, based in Egypt or elsewhere in the MENA region.

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Want to expand your knowledge on the non-profit field? Browse our courses or engage in any of our live workshops and webinars.

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Become a member of our social media community and ask questions, seek advice and mentorship, or learn from each other’s experiences.

100K+ Members

Our community empowers over 100K members dedicated to the non-profit field in Egypt, and MENA.

12+ Years Experience

We are building on the rich history of our community, which was established over 12 years ago.

30K+ Opportunities Shared

Over the past 12 years, our community has shared over 30K opportunities in the non-profit field.

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