Frequently Asked Questions

What is NGOs Hub?

NGOs’ Hub started as a Facebook Group in Egypt over 12 years ago. It was created with the aim of providing a space for development professionals or those who aspire to join the non-profit field to post job openings, internships, or scholarships.

The group has been evolving from that to the first online community of practice for the non-profit field in Egypt. The group is now a space to post non-profit related opportunities (i.e., jobs, internships, etc.), share advice, exchange experiences, request help, ask for training materials, inquire about job opportunities and more.

And now NGO’s Hub is a fully-operational website—along with a complementary, the very active Facebook Group of more than 107,000 members and counting. Being the first non-profit professional platform in Egypt, we aspire that NGOs’ Hub expands to cover the entire region as the leading platform for non-profit opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.

How can I search for jobs on the website?

The first thing you need to do when you visit is to sign up for free! After you become a member of NGOs’ Hub, you can browse all the services on the website, including our Job Portal. The Job Portal is updated daily, listing multiple opportunities in the non-profit field. You can use the filters on the left side bar, the main search field, or the remote working button to narrow down your research to match your needs. You can search by job title, keyword, organization, country, or city. You can also filter your search by domain, years of experience, type of contract, and remote working. Additionally, you can share job opportunities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by clicking on the relevant icons under the job title. Sign up now to take full advantage of these free tools!

Why can’t I view the full job description?

In order to access the full job description, and all other services on the NGOs’ Hub website, you must first sign up for free. Please follow the simple steps on this link to sign up and then login regularly to manage your profile and job applications.

How can I apply for a job opportunity?

Once you’ve signed up, you can login to your account and visit the Job Portal to search for job offers matching your experience and needs. When you hover over an opportunity, you can click on the View Job button which will present the full details of the posted opportunity. In the right-side box, you can click on the Apply Now button which will take you to the application page of the organization announcing the vacancy.

What is NGOs’ Hub Academy?

NGOs’ Hub Academy offers numerous resources for self-development to people working or volunteering in the non-profit field. In this section, you can search online self-learning courses; attend live workshops, sessions, or webinars; benefit from NGOs’ Hub initiatives; or search for scholarship opportunities. You can also request a quote for paid assistance in English language editing and proof-reading for university and higher education thesis or final projects, request assistance with reviewing scholarship applications, or assistance in preparing a job application. Sign up for free to benefit from all these services!

What courses or live sessions are offered on NGOs’ Hub?

NGOs’ Hub partners with leading professionals in the nonprofit field in Egypt and MENA to offer an array of self-learning courses completely online! You can join any of these courses and learn at your pace and on your own time. The live session section, on the other hand, will offer live sessions, workshops, and webinars- all offered through online platforms like Zoom- with leading professionals in the nonprofit field. You can view the list of offered live sessions and sign-up to join the discussion on a topic of interest to you or your field of work.

What are NGOs’ Hub initiatives?

From its inception, NGOs’ Hub has been committed to maintaining a sense of community that it committed to helping one another. NGOs’ Hub initiatives are part and parcel of that commitment offering people in need an opportunity to develop and achieve their potential. Through partnership with other organizations, NGOs’ Hub in 2021 and in 2022 has offered over 230 members the opportunity to join one of our three paths in the Tanmawi Initiative: Start, Advance, and Shine;

  • Start offers a package of self-learning courses offered on LearnKhana’s platform focusing on the development of soft skills. These courses are suitable for undergraduate or fresh university graduates preparing to join the non-profit labor market.
  • Advance likewise offers a package of self-learning courses offered on LearnKhana’s platform focusing however on the development of technical skills. These courses are most suitable for professionals with 1-5 years of experience.
  • Shine offers specialized and certified training courses on Mentarcise that allow winning members the opportunity to attend live online training with experts on topics including: Instructional Design and Learning Experience (IDLX), Virtual Facilitation, and Competency Design.

The Tanmawi Initiative was announced on NGOs’ Hub social media groups and website and the application for each of its three paths was open to all members. Submitted applications were reviewed against the announced criteria and winning members received free access to these self-development courses.

What are services on demand?

Services on demand are paid services that offer customized services including: university application review, scholarship application review, language proof-reading and editing, job application review and a free 30 minute online call to discuss needs and support. Please fill in the form to request assistance services matching you need.

Can I request assistance on my job application?

Yes! Simply visit our Services on Demand page under Academy and fill in the form to request assistance services. We will reply to you within 24 hours and will schedule a 30-min free online call to discuss your needs and fee package customized to your request.

What is the External Scholarships section?

NGOs’ Hub team collect and update a list of scholarship opportunities that can be useful to people working in the non-profit field. In this section, we will list the opportunities, from across the MENA region, along with their description, eligibility, and deadlines. You can search by name, country, type, or narrow down your research to Egypt only scholarships. You can also share listed scholarship opportunities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by clicking on the relevant icons under the title. Sign up now to take full advantage of these free tools!

How can I apply for a scholarship?

After you sign-up for free to become a member of NGOs’ Hub, you can access all website services, including the scholarship section. Simply, login to your account, visit the scholarship section under Academy in the main menu, browse the list and choose a scholarship opportunity you are eligible for. When you hover over the opportunity, you can click on the View Details button to read the full description. If interested in applying, click on the Apply Now button in the right-side box which will lead you to the external scholarship application link. Don’t forget that in the Services on Demand page you can seek assistance in reviewing your scholarship application and receive tips and advise on how to improve it by filling in the form to request a quote. We will come back to you within 24 hours to request a call to understand your needs and will offer you an installment package of fees customized to your needs.

How can I join the NGOs’ Hub Community?

You can join our large and growing community of non-profit professionals by signing up to the NGOs’ Hub website and by joining our social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit this link to join our social media groups.

What are the most recent events in the non-profit field in Egypt?

Please visit our events page to view an updated list of the most recent events taking place in Egypt or MENA (physical or online) relevant to the nonprofit field. Sign up today to view a full list of events!

What is the Start Hiring button?

Soon organizations will be able to post their vacancies and opportunities on NGOs’ Hub and will be able to manage applications and contact applicants without a hassle. Stay tuned!

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