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Consultancy for Adolescent Health

The objective of the consultancy is to systematically support the strengthening of the MOHP adolescent health program in primary health care facilities. The overall objective will be achieved through the following sub-objectives:

  • Quick assessment of the situation of the current MOHP adolescent program
  • Upgrade the adolescent health manual/ guidelines of MOHP
  • Develop a facilitator guide for training on adolescent issues with TOT for the national cadre of trainers
  • Develop a plan of M&E and update the appropriate indicators with capacity building to process and use data for local decision-making related to adolescents
  • Support efforts to mainstream adolescent services in the package of primary healthcare services
  • Develop and implement a mechanism for the participation of adolescents in health planning.


The consultant will work in a collaborative way with UNICEF respective officer, the heads of the adolescent and school health unit of MOHP, and other related partners. The consultant will review the current situation of the program and do a quick assessment. The assessment will cover a review of the existing manual, knowledge and capacity of providers, how the program is currently implemented, the relevance of the current activities to the needs and expectations of this age group, and feedback from some beneficiaries. The assessment will require a desk review of the current manual and document, key informant interviews, and interviews with providers and beneficiaries. This will entail field visits to some facilities where the program is currently implemented.

The consultant will come up with suggestions and recommendations to strengthen the program as needed to cover:

  • The relevance and content of the training manual
  • How to improve the capacity of service providers
  • How to improve participation and engagement of adolescents themselves
  • Methodology of implementation of the program in a way interesting to adolescent
  • How to monitor implementation and impact of the program

The process should be participatory, bringing together multiple stakeholders to share knowledge and insights.


The following core activities should be conducted by the consultant:

  • Quick assessment of the different components of the program including review of the manuals, training contents and methodology, implementation platforms, the capacity of service providers, relevance to the target group, and M&E in place.
  • Review/suggest adolescent health strategy of MOHP
  • Meet with different stakeholders including MOHP (department of adolescent and school health) and other agencies involved in this program like WHO, UNFPA, others
  • Review and upgrade the school health and adolescents’ guidelines
  • Develop a facilitator manual to be used in the training of the service providers
  • Support TOT training for cadre of trainers to roll-out updated health guidance for adolescents
  • Suggest the implementation modalities that are relevant to this age group
  • Develop ways of adolescent engagement in peer learning and how they can take an active role in the program implementation
  • Advice on using new technology and social media and different innovations to make the program interactive and ensure adolescent engagement and interest and to promote the adoption of health-related behaviors
  •  Upgrade monitoring and evaluation framework system for adolescent health and nutrition, develop M&E plan and suggest relevant indicators to monitor process, outputs and outcome of the program


Report of the quick assessment of the adolescents’ situation   20 days 25% of the payment
Upgraded manual of the adolescent health program   10 days 15% of the payment
Development of a facilitator manual to be used in training of the service providers

TOT to cadre of trainers

  20 days


25% of the payment
Develop implementation modalities with the engagement of adolescents   10 days 15% of the payment
Develop/Upgrade monitoring and evaluation framework supported by relevant indicators   20 days 20% of the payment
 80 days  100%

Conditions of work:

Under the supervision of the managers (UNICEF) and in close collaboration with MoHP, the consultant is required to implement all the activities agreed upon and submit all deliverables on time and with quality. The managers are responsible for ensuring that the entire process adheres to organizational quality and ethical standards. The managers ensure that the consultant has access to all necessary documents.

This assignment is a full-time office-based consultancy with some visits to the field.  Reporting to the manager at UNICEF office can be done remotely, as per the schedule agreed with the supervisor. Travel to the field from Cairo will be agreed upon with the manager and compensated as per the agreed-upon rate.

Payments will be processed upon delivering and accepting the agreed upon deliverables.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

  • Medical/social background; with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in medicine / social science / public health/nutrition or health-related field. A postgraduate degree in Public Health or relevant degrees will be favored.
  • Previous experience (at least 5 years) in supporting adolescent programs with expertise in the implementation of health and nutrition initiatives.
  • Track record of leadership, facilitation, and coordination skills and commitment to delivering timely and high-quality reports.
  • Good record in delivery of training and in developing training manuals
  • An excellent understanding of data and monitoring principles
  • Previous experience with an international organization is required
  • Fluent in Arabic and English


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Project Management
  • Individual Consultancy
  • N/A
  • No
  • 5+
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