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Country Programme Assistant

The Country Programme Assistant is accountable for a range of administrative and programme support functions pertaining to coordination and execution of field operations.

S/He works collaboratively with the Regional Programme Liaison team in HQ and with the colleagues in the Regional Team, and with the Country Operations Analyst as relevant, to ensure consistency, cohesion and synergy in administrative and programme related matters.
Key results/major activities may include:
•    Programme/Project Support (COSOPs, design, implementation, completion)
•    Resource Management and Office Support
•    Managerial Functions

Key Functions and Results

1. PROGRAMME/PROJECT SUPPORT: The Country Programme Assistant ensures the availability of timely, complete and accurate information and data to support the efficient and effective delivery of IFAD-supported projects, on behalf of their assigned country teams in all project phases (COSOP, Design/Implementation/Completion) for those activities in the Region.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Assistance in drafting of Terms of References preparation for missions members (COSOP, design, implementation support, completion);
  • Support the preparation of documents and their alignment to IFAD standards and procedures (e.g. for project design report), and monitoring to ensure timely submission to internal review processes and presentation to Governing Bodies;
  • Organize in-country meetings with internal and external project/programme stakeholders (e.g. project team meetings, negotiations, meetings with governments, country visits of senior management, learning events, etc.), including preparation and dissemination of relevant documentation and scouting for venues and related activities (e.g. maintaining data in IFAD corporate systems);
  • Database input of new investment projects/grants/programmes in IFAD’s Grants and Investment Projects System (GRIPS) and Operational Results Management System (ORMS) during design stage (e.g. log frame and planned milestones) as well as entering and updating data in IFAD’s Grants and Investment Projects System GRIPS)  and Operational Results Management System (ORMS), and extracting of project and country strategy information as required;
  • Upload and profile required documents for records management and knowledge management purposes (e.g. in the Operations Library (ODC), on xdesk, through IFAD’s electronic records management system), and share of information with project partners and other stakeholders as required.

2. OFFICE SUPPORT: The Country Programme Assistant ensures that the full range of activities pertaining to country programme administrative operations follow established regulations, rules and procedures.

Administrative responsibilities span travel, human and financial resources, and procurement.  Responsibilities may include:

  • Prepare programme related travel arrangements, including related PeopleSoft Financials Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transactions, for staff located in IFAD’s RO/MCOs/country office(s), including input of mission dates in corporate system, handling of visas and logistical arrangements, and supporting staff in being compliant with UNDSS recommendations on travel;
  • Logistical assistance during recruitment processes of non-staff personnel, e.g. consultants and interns, and related procurement activities, including PeopleSoft input and data maintenance;
  • Carry out HR and Financials ERP related transactions and initiating payment requests;
  • Support the administration and execution of allocated programme related budgets and perform the first- level review of administrative expenditures, as required;
  • Provide office assistance, dealing with routine document administration (including managing incoming and outgoing communications and maintaining office records and filing systems) as required;
  • Provide background/supporting documentation upon request, formatting/drafting standard components of documents ensuring timely submission of appropriate documentation into IFAD’s records management system;
  • Perform other administrative activities relating to the running of the office, as required and assigned by the head of the office.

3. MANAGERIAL FUNCTIONS: The Country Programme Assistant is accountable for integrity and transparency in the administration of IFAD resources. This includes providing inputs into the country office budget preparation exercises and monitoring sub-allotments issued; implementing procurement processes, soliciting quotations, dealing with vendors and assisting in contract close-out procedures; effective use of ERP functionality for improved business results; simplification of transaction and reporting processes; and improved client services, supervision of support staff, as applicable.

Key Performance Indicators

The key results have an indirect impact on the overall team efficiency in country office support and success in implementation of  regional programme operations.  Accurate data entry and  presentation of information enhances IFAD’s position as a strong development partner. The information provided facilitates project/programme support activities and programme decision-making.

Working Relationships

The Country Programme Assistant works in close collaboration with the Regional Specialist (P3), Regional Analyst (P-2), Data Analyst (NOB) and in coordination with IFAD HQ (Regional Programme Liaison team), to exchange information in support of programme delivery as well as, administrative support. The incumbent is continually involved in enlisting the support and cooperation of administrative units.

Job Profile Requirements

Organizational Competencies – Level 1

  • Strategic thinking and organizational development: Personal influence
  • Demonstrating Leadership :  Personal leadership and attitude to change
  • Learning, sharing knowledge and innovating: Continuously seeks to learn, shares knowledge and innovates
  • Focusing on clients:  Focuses on clients
  • Problem solving and decision making: Demonstrates sound problem solving and decision making ability
  • Managing time, resources and information:  Manages own time, information and resources effectively
  • Team Work:  Contributes effectively to the team
  • Communicating and negotiating: Communicates effectively: creates understanding between self and others
  • Building relationships and partnerships: Builds and maintains effective working relationships

Level – High School certificate (e.g. A level and Baccalaureate)
Areas of focus – accounting, business administration, economics, finance, or related areas.

Work experience:

  • At least four (4) years of progressively responsible administrative and programme support experience in UN agencies, development institutions, government service and/or other relevant organizations.
  • Position-specific experience: Qualifying work experience in Country programme support, support to Operations, loan/grant administration, and resources and planning. Experience with International financial institutions, development cooperation agencies, etc., would be an asset. Must be a national of, or hold a valid working permit for, the country of assignment.

•    Required English
•    Desirable: French
•    Position-specific requirement: Working knowledge of Arabic is Mandatory

Job role specific 

  • Procedure adherence: Ability to strictly adhere to established, formal guidelines, including in new situations
  • Time management: Adherence to deadlines under time constraints and pressure (e.g. to deliver governing body documents on time); ability to coordinate and manage complex workflows and in-house and external teams
  • Problem solving: Strong systemic and structured thinking, ability to identify and dissect problems into components and formulate a comprehensive set of creative viable and sustainable solutions and strategies
  • Initiative and good judgment: High sense of proactive initiative-taking and good judgement (including on security matters)
  • Listening: Effective and active listening to others; understanding and acting upon indirect statements
  • Written communication: Clear, succinct and convincing written communication in the language needed for specific role; highly professional, balanced and diplomatic language   (e.g. for drafting of position papers, briefings, etc.)
  • Verbal communication: Clear, succinct and convincing verbal communication; highly professional, balanced and diplomatic language
  • Problem solving: Strong systemic and structured thinking, ability to identify and dissect problems into components and formulate a comprehensive set of creative viable and sustainable solutions and strategies
  • Interpersonal skills: Ability to deal patiently and tactfully with others (e.g. visitors, clients, callers, etc.), including senior individuals (e.g. high-level meeting participants)
  • Basic ICT & digital fluency: Expertise relevant to the specific role, end-user computing configuration management
  • Logistics management: Know-how in logistics support specific to position, such as Travel Management (including travel arrangements, visa administration, etc.), Event organization (e.g. organization of conferences, (virtual) meetings, retreats, trainings), etc.
  • Record management: Know-how in record keeping (e.g. proper handling of records and systems to preserve institutional memory, including correspondence logs, office filing and reference systems, etc.)
  • Procurement: Know-how in the application of the procurement policies, rules and regulations applicable to IFAD HQ and/or Country Programmes/Projects, including for complex individual cases.


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Administration
  • Full-time
  • N/A
  • No
  • 2+
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