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Field Supervisor

Main Job Purpose


• Main responsible of achieving project’s expected technical and financial targets in his/her assigned area/governorate/s with CARE’s quality standers and in alignment with donors polices.


  • Ensure quality of field implementation of all activities in the governorate/s.
  • Plan, monitor and implement all partners capacity building activities and plans, to ensure real improvement in partners capacity
  • Mange governorate budget with most efficient way of spending to ensure best use of money and leverage resources
  • Ensure provide technical knowledge to partner/s organization/s.
  • Establish and maintain fruitful relations with all governmental concerned authority i in the governorate/s.
  • Create networks with relevant stakeholders at governorate level.
  • Ensure the accuracy of data collection and apply monitoring tools provided by MEAL team when requested and throughout

    the project cycle.


Job Description– Field Supervisor P a g e | 1 Version 1.0


  1. Implement, Monitor and support the implementation of all ongoing project activities implemented directly or through partners to ensure quality and reaching project’s targets and goals.
  2. Participate in the selection of the projects partners when needed in accordance to CAREs assessment process. Ensure providing technical and financial support to the project partners after assessing capabilities.
  3. Provide all needed input and assist Project Manager in project annual planning and develop governorate annual plan and budget.
  4. Supervise and provide guidance and coaching for project officer and partners when applicable.
  5. Develop and maintain networks and positive relationships with local governmental relevant authorities, partners, and any

    other possible key stakeholders to widen CARE’s network.

  6. Perform an ongoing project documentation (data collection, periodical reports, success stories, etc..) in cooperation with

    the Project’s MEAL officer according to MEAL plan to analyse the outcomes and ensure learning to enrich to the Program’s

    and CARE’s experience in the target communities and assist in the decision-making process.

  7. Write governorate regular reporting after doing the needed data collection supported with evidence and reference documents. Reporting should include achievement /challenges and highlight successful interventions and remaining gaps

    that should be covered through different projects in future.

  8. Capture field lesson learning, finding and challenges and document it in the governorate regular reporting. Communicate

    it including the learning with rest of project/s and program staff.

Position Relationship with Other Parties

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Internal Relationship External Relationship

page2image1337202720 page2image1337203008

  • Project and program staff
  • Program support units (Finance & Procurement,

    Admin, HR, ICT..etc)

  • Partner Organizations.
  • Local Governmental Authorities.
  • Other INGOs at the same governorates.


Working Environment

The position follows the normal working environment of the organization. Indoor: 40%
Outdoor: 60%
Working Hazard: Low/Medium

Working Days: 5 days
Days Off: 2 days
Working Hours: 8 hours per day according to attendance policy


Position Dimensions

Job Description– Field Supervisor P a g e | 2 Version 1.0


Level of Authority Budget Control

Budget Amount

Hiring Authority & Promotion

Consequence of Error

CARE Skills

Job Requirements

Education: Experience: Computer Skills

Minor Judgement Within Guidelines
Make Expenditure on a Predefined Budget

From 200,000 to 1 Million EGP
Does not Coach New Employees
Does Not Supervise Employees
Does not Participate in the Promotion Cycle Does not Approve Hiring New Employees Impact Own Tasks

Level 3

• BSc of relevant field
• 3 – 5 years of experience in field development field and NGO’s work.

• MS Office
• Zoom / Teams page3image505800144 page3image505800432page3image505800720 page3image505802160page3image505802448 page3image505802736page3image505803440 page3image505803632page3image505803920


  • Arabic
  • English is a plus


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Project Management
  • Full-time
  • N/A
  • No
  • 1-5
  • visit website
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