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Head of Gender Unit

The incumbent shall be assigned with the tasks of:

 Gender mainstreaming into all MSMEDA programs and projects.
 Planning, organization and coordination for all social and economic gender-

related issues inside MSMEDA.


  •   Planning and taking the lead in integrating gender issues into MSMEDA programs and activities.
  •   Managing the Gender Unit team, supervising and monitoring the activities of the Gender Unit.
  •   Developing and updating the gender equality strategy on a periodic basis.
  •   Developing a concept for gender mainstreaming into MSMEDA plans/programs (through sectorial plans, coordination with MSMEDA’s executive sectors on implementing women support/empowerment activities, monitoring of all gender-related projects/activities undertaken by MSMEDA


  •   Designing policies on the enhancement of women’s role and status within

    MSMEDA’s executive sectors.

  •   Representing MSMEDA in internal/external gender-related forums.
  •   Participating in negotiations with donor agencies on women empowerment

    issues in coordination with the Central Sector for International Cooperation and


  •   Supporting women’s vocational initiatives through the provision of vocational

    training for women according to the local requirements of the governorates with

    a special attention to crafts with traditional/cultural origin.

  •   Providing assistance to the design of gender mainstreaming programs/projects.
  •   Motivating cooperation, communication and coordination with public

    authorities, civil society organizations and the private sector as for women

    support issues.

  •   Taking part in surveying women requirements prior to the launching of women

    empowerment activities in cooperation with the Central Sector for Regional


  •   Coordinating with Media Sector on the production of publications and women

    success stories and raising awareness about MSMEDA’s role in women

    empowerment through the different mass media.

  •   Following up on statistics related to women, assisting in integrating data and

    information about women into all MSMEDA’s progress reports at the regional, national and international levels and circulating these data among different departments and sectors.

 Giving support on gender training programs to partner agencies and MSMEDA. Required skills:

  •   10 to 15 years of experience in socio-economic development with a previous practical experience in women support and empowerment field.
  •   Record in socio-economic development in Egypt with a special engagement in social and economic gender mainstreaming domain.
  •   Ability to lead and motivate team works.
  •   Distinguished written and spoken communication skills in English and Arabic.
  •   Excellent command of English.
  •   Good command of French (is an asset).
  •   Proficiency in computer applications (Microsoft Office/PowerPoint).
  •   Ability to organize and monitor work progress and documentation.
  •   Proficiency in preparing reports and letters to different agencies.
  •   Ability to work in a team, work under pressure and keep work information


  •   Fieldwork and data collection are a pre-requisite

    Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their CV’s within two weeks to e-mail address (Mentioning in the subject Head of Gender Unit).


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Project Management
  • Full-time
  • N/A
  • No
  • 10+
  • apply now
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