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Logistics Manager

Under the direct responsibility of the Head of Support Services and with the support of the
logistics advisor in HQ, the country log manager will be responsible for:
▪ Ensure the respect of Tdh and donor Logistics guidelines (management of purchase, stock,
supply, equipment, vehicle) on Egypt Delegation
▪ Support the development of the delegation and implement the procedures and relationship with
the logistics teams in Cairo main office & the field bases/offices.
▪ Opening/shut down at logistical level any Tdh base in the country and ensure their regular
▪ Supervise and provide a logistical support to the different Tdh bases and projects run into the
▪ Coordinate the logistics activities all over the delegation by being in support and in close
collaboration with the project staff and the support staff
▪ Manage directly the logistics staff in Cairo, and field offices / bases.
▪ Report on regular basis about all logistics activities within the delegation to the Head of Support
Services and to Log Advisor


▪ You are the direct interlocutor of Tdh towards providers and companies, for all issue related to

You participate actively to logistics and security coordination and information meetings (NGO
coordination, etc.)
▪ Setup coordination routine system (meetings, reports, situation points, etc.) to ensure a smooth
diffusion of relevant information (logistics) at the delegation level
▪ Manage logistics support in collaboration with logisticians and advice specifically to the Project
team on regular basis. Frequent movement have to be expected between the different bases
▪ Ensure a pro-active link between the field (needs) and logistics team (needs & support) and play
a continuous interface role
▪ Ensure the respect of Tdh (and donor if required) procurement procedure
▪ Identify and plan the Egypt Delegation purchases in collaboration with the project managers and
technical advisors. He/she establish the procurement for each funding contracts and ensure their
periodic update
▪ Ensure the quality of the purchases and the delivery deadlines
▪ Follow up the order/purchase until delivery
▪ Ensure regular purchases follow up in close collaboration with the Finance Department for down
payments and monthly budget follow up
▪ Ensure the respect of Tdh (and donor if required) stock management procedure
▪ Manage regular inventory (monthly, quarterly, yearly) for the different items stored within the
Egypt delegation, and run physical stock take in the delegation twice a year
▪ Plan the stock supplying according to local constraints
▪ In charge of the warehouse management and control system
▪ Ensure the security and the follow up of the equipment used on the Egypt delegation
(identification, inventory, affectation)
▪ Ensure the security and the follow up of the communication and IT equipments (and supplies) on
the Egypt delegation (identification, inventory, affectation)
▪ Ensure the respect of Tdh (and donor if required) vehicle management procedure
▪ Supervise the general follow up of the Egypt delegation vehicles (consummation checks,
movement planning, etc.)
▪ Ensure a regular maintenance on the different vehicles of the delegation (fleet follow up, service
maintenance contract with suppliers)
▪ Define the more relevant means of transport for goods delivery and process the administrative
formalities related to (taxi, car…)
▪ Ensure maintenance on Tdh premises (offices, guesthouse, premises helding project activities)
are carrying in the respect of Tdh standard and safety measures
▪ Provide guidance on equipment needed and advices on the types to be purchase as per Tdh
▪ Ensure Tdh assets and equipment inventory are carried out twice a year
▪ Ensure having internet and network are functioning (network maintenance…)
▪ Ensure periodic data back-up and set up and management of shared point
▪ Developing training and SOP’s for user
▪ Coordinate with Helpdesk at HQ level for implementation of Tdh standard
▪ With the Logistics Officier in charge of IT, Ensure that users are receiving adequat technical
▪ Ensure strict application and respect of the Internal Regulation by your related staff, support the
HR department to define/adjust rules taking into account the specific context of the Delegation
(security, social life, annual leaves followup, etc.)
▪ Define with each member of its staff its action plan and delay for reaching defined goals (IAP)
▪ Support and advise its team in the implementation of its IAP
▪ Ensure feed back towards its team about issues potentially raised by them


▪ Degree/diploma is recommended in Logistics
▪ Strong experience in the related field (minimum 5 years)
▪ Experience with NGO will be preffered
▪ English mandatory (oral and written).
▪ Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
▪ Good IT skills and excellent knowledge in Microsoft office programs
▪ Ability to work under high pressure with a great level of personal organisation
▪ Diplomacy sense


Send your updated CV to the following email “ “make sure to write the code on the Email subject to be able to review your CV faster.


  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Logistics & Procurement
  • Full-time
  • N/A
  • No
  • 7+
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