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Senior Finance Officer

The post holder reports to the Country Finance Manager, and is responsible to provide a reasonable assurance for implementation finance work and maintaining internal financial control enhancement through monitoring data accuracy in SAP System in both Grater Cairo & Delta Offices, in addition to provide timely and reliable financial information and analysis that leads to effective decision making.

Dimensions of the role:

This Role will be based in Ciro PU Office and will play a key role in integrating and linking PIE various source of funds, PIE financial statements analysis, building and managing the relationship with the partners, in addition participate in annual budgeting setup and preparation.

This Role will require a strong communication inside and outside Egypt with CO departments, PUs, GH, RH

This role has dotted supervises PU Accountant, and directly supervises two or more Project accountants for respective locations


Financial Controlling

  • Ensure that all location’s financial transactions and reporting procedures are compliant with Plan Egypt and Plan global financial standards and requirements
  • Verify comprehensive documentation of all financial vouchers in the respective location.
  • Review and verifying cheques & remittances (online transfer & paper cheques) to release all location payments.
  • Review the calculation of shared cost and support the process on time.
  • Review and handling the process of cash management in locations (bank reconciliation, cash forecast, and target bank balance
  • Maintain effective business relationships with CIB in locations

Financial Reporting

  • Coordinate with the finance team at PUs for within-location & multi-PUs grant reporting in terms of consolidation, reviewing and the final submission to GFM for final review.
  • Develop within-location & multi-PUs grants financial reports to ensure that management and donors receive the needed data with the required quality standards in line with PIE policies and guidelines.
  • Follow-up and update all within-location & multi-PUs grants financial systems and share information with related staff.
  • Submit the financial reports to location’s program management to ensure the quality and efficiency of financial data.
  • Prepare the monthly reconciliation SAP reports to ensure consistency between programs and grants modules.
  • Review and submit the Month/Year-end schedules


  • Contribute to within-location & multi-PUs grants preparations, start-up workshops, processes and agreements.
  • Provide technical support to Plan staff and conduct training sessions on grant compliance and the regulations of complex donors.


  • Contribute to the preparation of grants proposal.
  • Provide support to program teams in preparing budget for proposals.
  • Coordinate & Contribute in the annual budget preparation for Plan Egypt and tracking the regular updates on grant budget information
  • Maintain transparent detailed reporting systems to enable colleagues, Plan Management and external parties to understand the relevant budgets.


  • Verify the bundle of periodic partner financial report, to make sure that all partner costs recharged with compliance with donor & PIE regulation.
  • Verify the partner financial assessments in line with Plan policies and guidelines
  • Review the partnership agreements templates & annexes, and ensure the compliance with the grant requirements.
  • Communicate professionally and in a timely fashion with partners to ensure effective grant management and sharing the financial information.

Payroll Controlling

  • Contribute in managing PI Payroll, regulatory returns and other statutory reporting for the location as needed.
  • Handle all location staff salaries in the system and monitor the timesheet allocations to ensure the adherence with Plan Egypt cost recovery policy
  • Review timesheets for staff members and ensure proper allocation of payroll expenses.

ERP System (SAP)

  • Review on system the process of creation and modification of project outline for all grants and sponsorship-funded projects at location.
  • Mapping all within-location & multi-PUs grant budget lines with the relevant WBS.
  • Track changes in the within-location & multi-PUs grant budgets to ensure consistency between programs and grants modules in SAP.

Capacity Building

  • Contribute in develop plans for building the capacity of all Plan Egypt partners.
  • Support and review the training needs analysis process, in order to strengthen the partners’ capacity in financial management.
  • Provide on-job & classic trainings, technical support for Plan Partners, in regard to managing the donor conditions application.


  • Monitor the implementation of the follow-up actions to address audit recommendations.
  • Facilitate internal/Plan audit, external/ donor audit.

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI)

  • Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GEI policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), ensuring that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  • Ensures that all staff in the unit/function/department are properly inducted on and understands their role in upholding Plan International’s safeguarding and GEI policies;
  • Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in day to day work.
  • Ensures that Plan Ethiopia contributes to Plan International’s global efforts to ensure safeguarding and GEI, including making sure that relevant reporting and data are submitted

Leadership and Business Management Competencies


  • Set and communicate ambitious but realistic work goals and priorities, explaining how these contribute to Plan International’s purpose.
  • Set high standards for self and others’ behavior, inside and outside work. Championing our values and commitment to rights, gender equality and safeguarding. Supporting the health, well-being and both physical and psychological safety of our staff, including their safety to speak out.
  • Hold self and others to account for what we have agreed, dealing with poor performance quickly, firmly and constructively.
  • Create a positive team spirit, helping people work well together, to reflect and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of what we do.
  • Collaborate with team members, colleagues and partners in finding creative solutions to problems by sharing information, experience and ideas and actively seeking their input.
  • Motivate and developing others by taking an interest, giving constructive feedback and praise, ensuring they are properly trained and helping them develop their potential.
  • Accept change and support others in adjusting to it, helping them understand.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor

Business Management Competencies

  • Understand relevant sectoral context including how the sector operates in terms of funding and governance and awareness of Plan’s purpose, values, and global strategy
  • Manage legal and reputational risk including risk assessment, communication, risk management and reporting in full compliance with risk-related standards, including in areas such as Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection, Gender equality and inclusion, Counter Fraud, Safety and Security
  • Manage activities and resources including skills in strategic thinking, planning and organising, financial planning and monitoring, negotiation and programme and project management
  • Manage people and information including skills in assessment and coaching, evidence-based management, communication skills, both speaking and writing, and digital working, including personal digital skills

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge


  • A Degree in Accounting or a professional qualification such as CMA, or equivalent
  • At least 5 years’ experience in similar role in INGOs
  • Analytical skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Strong Communication skills, appropriate to the audience
  • Proficient in computer skills and use of relevant accounting software packages
  • Solid experience in SAP
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Solid reporting and monitoring skills


  • Experience with Ms Dynamic system

Behaviours (Plan International’s Values in Practice)

  1. We are open and accountable
  • Promotes a culture of openness and transparency, including with sponsors and donors.
  • Holds self and others accountable to achieve the highest standards of integrity.
  • Consistent and fair in the treatment of people.
  • Open about mistakes and keen to learn from them.
  • Accountable for ensuring we are a safe organisation for all children, girls & young people.
  1. We strive for lasting impact
  • Articulates a clear purpose for staff and sets high expectations.
  • Creates a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.
  • Focuses resources to drive change and maximise long-term impact, responsive to changed priorities or crises.
  • Evidence-based and evaluates effectiveness.
  1. We work well together
  • Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
  • Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
  • Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
  • Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.
  1. We are inclusive and empowering
  • Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
  • Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
  • Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
  • Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.

Physical Environment and Demands:

Typical office environment in Cairo with frequent visits to Delta offices.

Level of Contact with Children:

Low contact: No contact or very low frequency of interaction

Closing Date: 3rd of Aug. 2022

PLAN International

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