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Senior RSD Assistant

The Senior RSD Assistant’s responsibilities mainly consist of conducting RSD interviews and assessments. S/he is responsible for conducting COI and other research related to RSD and maintaining the Operation’s local repository of relevant information, guidelines and standards. The incumbent also provides counselling to, and responds to queries from, asylum seekers and refugees regarding UNHCR’s RSD procedures, their rights and obligations, including towards the host authorities, and the status of the processing of their claims. The Senior RSD Assistant may provide interpretation and/or translation services in cases for which s/he has the required language competencies. S/he will be expected to report daily to the RSD/T Office in 6 October City, Giza Governorate, and will be expected to promote workplace harmony and teamwork. A minimum of 12 months serving in the current position is required if employed by UNHCR Egypt. 2 years relevant work experience required with high school diploma, or 1 year relevant work experience with Bachelors degree, equivalent or higher.


Standard Job Description

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BA, High School (Required)

Other information

This position doesn’t require a functional clearance


  • Cairo, Egypt
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